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Charlotte – Medusa Groove

Release by Eonian Records on April 20, 2010

Review Added April 28, 2010

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal

1. Medusa Groove
2. Woman Behing The Eyes**
3. Siren
4. Little Devils**
5. Miss Necrophilia**
6. She Get It Up
7. Got Love On The Line**
8. Changes**
9. Roadhouse Of Love
10. Ocean Of Love And Mercy
11. Invisible Man
12. All Tied Up**
Hot Tracks**

Eric Ganz – Vocals
Nick Dibacco – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Vinnie Cacciotti – Guitar
Chris Colovas – Bass, Backing Vocals
Eric D. Brewton – Drums, Backing Vocals

Leave it up to Eonian Records to find these gems from bands that somehow got lost in the 80’s when the hazy days of Glam and Rock we’re king. Once again another archival release, this time for Charlotte a Los Angeles based ensemble playing their own brand of Melodic Hard Rock and Metal influenced by some of the greats like Led Zeppelin, Great White and Guns N’ Roses just to name a few. With an ear for good music it doesn’t surprise me that we have another killer release here titled “Medusa Groove”, a fitting title as the songs here are not just your prototypical glam sleaze hard rock, but rather a more cerebral approach is shared, all the while injecting their own me low grinding groove to the mix.

Sometimes is just luck of the draw I suppose because there is not any evidence here of a band that didn’t have a vision as they’re sound is very original, and is especially evident on tracks like “Little Devils”, the slow creeping rhythm bass section here adds a nice grunge 70’s rock vibe to the fold, and the hook in “Miss Necrophilia” will have anybody singing alone with a powerful chorus and some fiery lyrics. The sassy lyrics in “Love On The Line” mark another highlight as the main writer for the band Lead Vocalist Eric Ganz laids down another noticeable composition, that and some nice 70s style wails for good measure. The bands slow get up rhythm is something they excel and the track like “All Tied Up” exhibits this trait wonderfully with a cool harmonic chorus for your liking.

With every release Eonian releases it will serve as a “road map” to the sound of many band’s that unfortunately never made it “big” but at the same time as it is presented now it adds more value and class to their music that deservedly so deserved more attention then properly given. As the case remains with Charlotte, not just another wannabe glam/rock band, but the boys chose to stray away from the gimmicks and the thrills but created they’re own blend of hard rock “voodoo” for all to enjoy. Another release highly recommended for fans of Hard Rock worldwide from coast to coast!!!.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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