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Keymonkey – Keymonkey

Released by: Self Release Out Now!!!

Style: Alternative Hard Rock




2.Fast Jesus

3.Before You Burn

4..In The Desert

5.Kill Your Angel


7.Dance Of Madness



I must admit that the new album from Italy’s KEYMONKEY came across my desk a while ago now and I’ve to go back to it a few times to really get a feel for what I was hearing. Usually when I’m having trouble I like to read up about the band I’m listening to and see if I can’t get a feel for what they are doing, but that was very hard in this instance as all the information on their myspace page is in Italian, which surprises me as they write and sing in full English so I think the bio information should probably be in English as well.

What I could gather is that the guys from KEYMONKEY also have another project which is called KEYMONKEY PLAYS SOUNDGARDEN which is obviously pretty self-explanitairy and doesn’t really need to be delved into much further. It does however offer a slight indicator on what style the band play, and yes their music is based deep into the early to mid nineties when bands like SOUNDGARDEN, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, ALICE IN CHAINS and NIRVANA dominated the airwaves and drove every aspect of the music industry.

The band’s overall sound is a bit of an amalgamation of a few of these bands and the best way for me to describe it would be a cross between SOYUNDGARDEN and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS with a bit of a heavier groove mixed in. Vocalist PRIMO Has a generally decent voice, but sometimes tries a little hard to get that grungy sound of say a LAYNE STALEY or an EDDIE VEDDER, and he sounds better when just being himself. Some of the riffs are enjoyable, if not a little on the generic side of things.

KEYMONKEY have the makings of what could turn out to be an interesting band but I think it may take a little while for the group to free themselves from their influences a little bit and continue to carve out their own unique sound that is hinted at in small intervals on the album.

Written by Zeezzee

Ratings Zeezee  6/10

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