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Hogjaw – Ironwood

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Southern Rock

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Johnboat Jones – Vocals, Guitar

Craig Self – Guitar

Kwall – Drums

Elvis DD – Bass


1. Rollin’ Thunder

2. Blacktop

3. Three Fifty Seven

4. Ol’ Slippery Willie

5. County Line

6. Ain’t Ever Gonna Win

7. Two Guns

8. Walkin’

9. Flathead

10. Hornswagglin’

The great thing about Southern Rock is that you always know what you’re getting… A beer-swillin’, mud-slingin’, gun-shootin’ helluva time. And keeping with the trend is the new album IRONWOOD from Phoenix band HOGJAW. The band released their debut album DEVIL IN THE DETAILS back in 2008, and have gone from strength to strength since then and have finally returned with the follow up album IRONWOOD.

Comparisons to other bands in the genre are inevitable and can say that HOGJAW bear some similarities to ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, MOLLY HATCHET and even some ROSSINGTON-COLLINS BAND for good measure. The songwriting is very good, and even though the lyrics tread a familiar path, they are still very well written and excellently sung by vocalist Jonboat Jones. Lead guitarist Graig Self definitely has some chops here and has a fat-groovy guitar sound that really brings he songs to life. The rhythm section of drummer Kwall and bass guitarist Elvis DD are no slouches either and certainly drive the backbone of these songs into your brain.

BLACKTOP has the potential to be a southern rock anthem and features every single thing that fans enjoy about the genre. ROLLIN’ THUNDER has a bit of a seventies boogie rock feel to it while still being as southern-fried as you can get. I also enjoyed the end track HORNSWOGGLIN’, in which the band show that they can have fun too, and I also enjoyed the slower almost country-ish COUNTY LINE.

Whilst listening to IRONWOOD, I felt a sudden urge to go and buy a 4X4 and a shotgun, get me some moonshine and go tearin’ up some mud, and I guess that is about as big of a compliment I can give HOGJAW. They have managed to record an album that I fully enjoy each time cover to cover even though I’m generally not a massive fan of the genre. Southern Rock fans should certainly put this on their wishlists as it’s easily one of the best albums for the genre this year. Surprisingly good, go and buy it.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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