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Silverback – Six More Reasons To Hate Us E.P

Released By : Pee Records

Genre : Aggressive Hardocre

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Lee – Vocals

Mitch – Guitar

Cam – Drums

Jimmy – Bass


1. Suffer

2. Labyrinth

3. Remain

4. Anti-Christ

5. Sights Set

6. Numbers

Out of nowhere comes this six track hardcore onslaught from indie Australian label PEE RECORDS. While it’s easy to just label all modern hardcore bands as metalcore, sometimes this label is just not fitting. SILVERBACK are one of those instances, and while their certainly an element of this release that can be compared to the typical metalcore formula, their overall sound is something more in the vein of the band 50 LIONS or CRUEL HAND. I suppose you could class it as crossover hardcore because it’s just a bit too heavy to be classed as straight up harcore. I guess you could even throw the deathcore tag around a bit when describing the band’s sound, but once again I can’t help but think that they should be just classed as a great hardcore band that area a bit heavier that some of their contemporaries.

The highlight of the band’s second E.P 6 MORE REASONS TO HATE US is the uncompromising and unrelenting aggressiveness that hits you from the opening stanza all the way through to end note. Where a lot of bands these days are trying to add textures and color in the middle of E.P’s and albums, sometimes it’s refreshing to chuck a disc on get your ass kicked all the way through. LABYRINTH, REMAIN and SIGHTS SET are some of the best Aussie hardcore I think I’ve ever heard, and if the band can come back with a full album of tunes as good as these they will certainly set themselves up for success.

I hope that what I have written above is enough of a motivator for people to go and check these guys out because I know a lot of people will be surprised by just how good they are and just how ready they are to take off. If you are a fan of any iteration of modern day hardcore music, do yourself a favor and add 6 MORE REASONS TO HATE US to your cd library. If SILVERBACK take off to the levels of success and recognition I think they deserve, this awesome little E.P may just become some sort of collectors item.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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