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The Poodles – In The Flesh DVD

Released by Frontiers Records

Released Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal

Links: http://www.poodles.se/

Links: http://www.myspace.com/thepoodles

Line Up:

Jakob Samuel – Vocals

Christian Lundqvist – Drums

Pontus Egberg – Bass

Henrik Bergqvist – Guitar


01. I Want It All

02. Until Our Kingdom Falls

03. Father To A Son

04. I Believe In You

05. Cuts Like A Knife

06. As Time Is Passing By

07. Love Is All

08. Your Time Is Now

09. Action!

10. Bring Back The Night

11. Vampire’s Call

12. Into The Quiet Night

In certain instances names of bands can tell you all you need to hear bout the bands personality itself. For instance if you think about a band name like Anthrax you think about a poisonous substance, or Manowar you think about a warrior-esque metal band right? which they are of course. But when I hear the name of The Poodles, I wonder really wonder maybe a cuddly fluffy dog?.

But luckily for these pair of Swedes metal heads the music they play can overcome their frivolous band name.  The band was formed by lead singer and former drummer of Talisman Jakob Samuel bassist Pontus Egberg (ex Lion Share), guitarist Pontus Norgren (also in Talisman, Humanimal) and drummer Christian Lundqvist. In 2008 though Norgren left the band and was replaced by Henrik Bergqvist. The band up to this point has delivered 3 studio albums and most notably their debut “Metal Will Stand Tall”, featuring some crunching metal anthems like “Night Of Passion’ and the title track.

During the bands 2009 Tour this DVD footage was captured to show The Poodles live in the flesh for all fans to witness. I guess part of what makes the band so unique is lead singer Samuels funky personality and sense of fasion on stage, while The Poodles are no doubt a mix of Hard Rock, Glam and Metal their flare for the onstage presence is what adds a diverse flavor to their melodic music.That and the music is pretty damn catchy as far as Hard Rock is concerned.

To charge up interest in this concert Australian director Steve Ravic conducted all personal with each of the band’s members for some behind the scene taste of the band’s unique members. I personally like this part of the DVD set as we get to know the band a bit more up close and personal and is not all about the music.  All Poodles favorites are featured here, tracks like “Caroline”, “I Rule The Night”, “Night Of Passion”, and my favorite “Thunderball” are executed with ease and flair.

What you have here is a nice live CD/DVD set featuring a rockumentary direction as it lets the fan get to know each band members on a more private manner. The live footage itself is nothing that will break any new grounds, but in terms of picture quality is fine given the venue. The band sounds tight as ever and is a nice addition to any Poodles fan as they await their next studio album.  The interest in Glam has risen tremendously in places like Sweden, Italy, etc and this year has had many outstanding acts, but as The Poodles are already a proven commodity in the genre this set adds a nice classy touch to the groups catalog.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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