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Rob Mancini – Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus

Released By : Self Released

Genre : AOR, Melodic Rock

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01 – Carnival Of Fools
02 – Rock ‘N’ Roll Circus
03 – Edge Of A Broken Heart
04 – Everytime You Cry
05 – Running Up That Hill
06 – Lay Down The Law
07 – Weak As I Am
08 – Stranger In Paradise
09 – Too Late To Die
10 – United We Stand
11 – Time Stops For No One But You
12 – Edge Of A Broken Heart (Radio Mix)

This album really, and I mean really caught me by surprise…. With so many high profile releases these days in my main genres of choice, I have taken to skipping most of the lesser known releases due to serious time constraints. For some reason though I wanted to give this one a fair go and I’m so glad I did.

ROCK N ROLL CIRCUS is an interesting release for the AOR genre in the fact that it isn’t shy to weave some slightly modern elements into the usual eighties style that the genre is known for. Now i don’t mean modern as in current bands, just a bit of a more contemporary and accessible sound for those not usually swayed into the sights of the AOR genre. ROB MANCINI also manages to incorporate some nineties inspired melodic rock into the overall sound too which makes for an interesting listen.

Most of the tracks on offer here are great in their own right but there are two that really stand out as something special. The first of those is a pure eighties sounding AOR anthem and one of my favorite songs of the year so far, EDGE OF A BROKEN HEART which in ways reminds me of one of my favorite all-time songs POWER OF THE NIGHT by the almighty METROPOLIS.
The other is a fantastic cover version of the KATE BUSH track RUNNING UP THAT HILL. This particular song has been covered quite a few times in the past but this version is better than most.

Even though this album won’t garner much widespread attention, I implore anybody that calls themselves a fan of AOR and melodic rock music to seek this one out, definitely surprised the crap out of me!

Written By ZeeZee

Rating 9/10

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