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It’s time again for another Mind Scan and we welcome Volume 4 this time. I’m kind of liking this format a little. It gives me a chance to talk about some albums that have slipped by me that have been out a little longer, enabling me to get more band names out there. So without further ado, here it ‘tis! Some of these had been out a few months, but still deserve some love.



1. Atretic Intestine- Encased (Inverse Records): Straight forward Death metal. In the same vein as classic Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under. Unlike a lot of bands of this genre, they have some cool riffs and a nice groove throughout.

2. Bejelit- Emerge (Bakerteam Records): Actually expected something totally different from what I got. Excellent Power metal that sets itself apart from the typical.

3. Beyond the Bridge- The Old Man & the Spirit (Frontiers): Superb progressive metal album akin to Symphony X. Great songs, great musicianship, excellent album.

4. Crusher- Endless Torment (Metal Scrap Records): Pretty good thrash album. A new breed of thrash instead of the usual rehash. I really liked it.

5. Cyclone Temple- My Friend Lonely (Deluxe) (Divebomb Records): Kind of wants to be classic Pantera, but just misses the mark. This is a reissue from 1995. Puts me in mind of maybe Five Finger Death Punch in a way. Not bad, but didn’t blow me away.

6. Def Con One- Warface (Scarlet Records): Excellent crossover album in the vein of Hatebreed meets Sevendust meets Alice In Chains. Heavy, groove oriented, and an excellent album.

7. Fiakra- Invasion (Pure Underground Records): Imagine Nuclear Assault is raped by Raven and they decide to create a classic metal cum Power metal act. Not as frightening as it sounds. It actually works to a degree, though it does drag a bit longer than it should.

8. Ides of Gemini- Constantinople (Neurot Records): Female fronted doom/goth metal act. Dark, gloomy, and thick. Not for everyone, but if you like your metal a bit on the sludgey side, this would be the album for you.

9. Jack Blades- Rock ‘N’ Roll ride (Frontiers): Was going to do a full review, but it’s been out a bit now. Pretty much what one would expect from this legend- melodic, rocking, and just an all-around excellent album. There doesn’t seem to be much this man can’t do in the music business.

10. Skeletonwitch- Forever Abomination (Prosthetic Records): Much loved Blackened thrash band from Ohio. Though I’m not a raving fan of theirs, I do enjoy their releases to a certain degree. Sometimes the vocals irk me, but overall the music is typically badass.

11. Spawn Of Possession- Incurso (Relapse Records): Outstanding technical death metal. Soaring guitar licks, brutal vocals, and excellent songs. You must own this one if you love your music on the heavy side.

12. Tarantula- Spiral of Fear (IceWarrior Records): I have been a longtime fan of this band and wish more people would check them out. Their latest fits perfectly in their already superb catalog.

13. The Corey Smoot Experiment- When Worlds Collide (Metal Blade): The posthumous release of material from the late GWAR guitarist. Nice tribute to a great talent lost too soon.

14. The Chant- A Healing Place (Lifeforce Records): Dreamy, ethereal, prog-ish and doomy. Love, love, love it!

15. Whitechapel- s/t (Metal Blade): Tennessee Deathcore band. Not usually my thing, but I actually like these guys. Not a raving fanatic per se, but I like what I hear for the most part.


A New Widget is featured below for snippets into these bands featured here on Mind Scans. Most of them are here, a few we could not add. Have fun!!!


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  1. YEAH! Thxs for Bejelit, Tarantula and Beyond The Bridge, all right down my street, awesome music and bands!! ++
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