Killcode – Killcode Review

killcode_Cover Killcode - Killcode Review

Released By: Indie

Release Date: Out Now!!

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Tom Morrissey – Lead Vocals

Chas – Guitar/Back-Up Vocals

Pat Harrington – Guitar

Erric Bonesmith – Bass/Back-Up Vocals

Rob Noxious – Drums



1. Still Here

2. Hands Up

3. Tied

4. The Wrong Side

5. Loose

6. Liberated

7. Opium Dogs

8. Shotgun

9. Time

10. Skitch

11. Trust (Feat. Angelina Delcarmen)

12. Bad Mother


Killcode is a hard rocking band out of New York City. The unapologetic approach is based in classic hard rock with enough modern and southern rock thrown in to give them an edge. The end result is a sound that can separate itself from the redundant music-by-numbers radio rock scene today. The self-titled album is the first full-length release after two successful EP’s. The twelve tracks encompass a full spectrum of songs. High-energy rockers intertwined with country flavors, ballads, and mid-tempo stompers; along with a Lynyrd Skynyrd type vibe gives this album variety.

“Still Here”, the opener, is a rousing piece of attitude. It may start out country but it’s rocking, bass thumping, heavy-handed groove creates a battle cry anthem. The dark and moody verses of “Hands UP” lead you into a buzz saw of a chorus. “Tied” is another fast charging song that hits between the eyes. Changing pace with “The Wrong Side” is the first ballad on the album. The song boasts a modern rock feel with its melodic approach and feel.

Two of the catchiest songs are found midway through with “Loose” and “Shotgun”. Both feature memorable riffs and melody lines. “Liberated” drives for the “Southern” rock sound and succeeds on all levels. Its laid back feel, toned down guitars and layered vocals define the genre. The run of songs “Opium Dogs”, “Time”, and “Skitch” show the power side once again, but this is where the album bleeds together as nothing stands out from any of those tracks.

The second ballad “Trust” featuring Angelina DelCarmen from the NYC band Charetta is a good one. The two voices work together well and play off each other. It’s well written and comes across genuine and heartfelt. The closer, aptly named “Bad Mother”, is a great signature closure that stamps the albums sound and attitude.

The performance of this debut is outstanding. The vocals are impressive and can match the power laid out by the instruments. Riffs are tight and the rhythm section pounds straight ahead. The album is not overproduced which gives way to a live feel. It’s raw emotion and energy is infectious and served in heavy doses. Killcode is well worth checking out for fans of hard or modern rock mixed with a southern draw.



Written by Jeff

Ratings    Jeff    7/10


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  1. Jeff,

    Great article on Killcode Krew! I would also like to add how consistent and fluid their performances are on record as well as live, which many bands can’t match. I grew up on Rock and Roll and always wondered what the future held…Killcode Krew in the palm of its hands. All Hail!

  2. I have often said that I have been following Killcode since 2009, which lends credibility to their creativity and longevity. Seeing this fruition throughout the years, makes me extremely proud when recommending them to other people. It is great and honest music that kicks ass every time. I can tell you while watching their taped performances, their energy is so infectious that it permeates right through the screen making you feel like you were actually there. I love these guys, because they keep it real every time.


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