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AOR – The Heart of L.A. Review

Label: Perris Records

Release date: 3/1/2017

Genre: Melodic/AOR Rock

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Frédéric Slama: Guitars & Keyboards

Tommy Denander: All Instruments

Jeff Scott Soto: Vocals

Kevin Chalfant: Vocals

Steve Overland: Vocals

Paul Sabu: Vocals

Bill Champlin: Vocals

Fergie Frederiksen: Vocals

Jesse Damon: Vocals

Paul Shortino: Vocals

Philip Bardowell: Vocals

David Forbes: Vocals

Sarah & Mélissa Fontaine: Vocals

Rick Riso: Vocals

Jim Jidhed: Vocals

Chris Ousey: Vocals

Joe Pasquale: Vocals



1) Angels Never Sleep

2) The Smartest Girl In L.A.

3) On The Edge Of Glory

4) Deep Whirlpool

5) The Main Attraction

6) Heart In Pawn

7) Jenny At Midnight

8) Silent Victory

9) Dangerous To Know

10) One Foot In Heaven

11) Closer To Zero

12) Secrets In The Shadows

13) You’re My Obsession

14)  From L.A. To Paris

Unreleased Bonus tracks:

15) Don’t Turn Back

16) When The Darkness Falls


AOR was formed in 2000 by guitarist/ keyboardist Frédéric Slama always using the cream of U.S & European session players. Now, AOR project is back with another impressive work, a brilliant album titled “The Heart Of L.A”. another all-star project featuring some of the best singers from the Melodic Rock world.

“The Heart of L.A” is a compilation of best songs ever, fourteen tracks and two bonuses, where we can find great melodies and lyrics.

I’m sorry to be critical about this album, as to the past passion works Slama has made, this’s just the best of 80’s Melodic Hard Rock.  I find this compilation a little bit superfluous and the fact that the tracks are remastered doesn’t change my opinion. The remastering made marvels, great and a fresher sound. Impossible not to notice the transformation. Still, the songs are very powerful as always and the album itself is quiet good, great musicians, and vocalists. The result is a very amusing just like Slama’s previous albums he has produced over the years.

A pretty good collection of new tracks in “Don’t Turn Back” and “When The Darkness Falls”. All I want to say it’s a pity that all those great musicians don’t write something new altogether, I’m sure they could create something brilliant.

If I was to judge the cover album and based the music off of it, I’d never give it a chance, but as I never judge a book by its cover, my curiosity gave me the opportunity to discover a great album anyway.

I feel I can recommend this compilation to all nostalgic rockers, to all Slama’s fans and to every young listener who wants to move closer into the magic of classy AOR Hard Rock.


Written by: Valeria Campagnale

Rating: 7/10


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