EUROPE live at Sweden Rock / 30th Anniversary Show Review

In 1983 a young band from Sweden got out to conquer the world. Only three years later they wrote one of the biggest rock classics of all time: with “The Final Countdown” Europe were at the top of their game. After the big break in 1992 they did the comeback of the year in 2004. But the sound had changed. Today Europe are a more harder rockin’ band with lots of bluesy elements (especially on their latest album “Bag Of Bones”). So, this year the guys celebrated and recorded their 30th Anniversary show at one of the biggest Rock festivals: Sweden Rock! A concert, 30 years in the making – let’s see if it’s so bombastic like it sounds.

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Deep Purple – Perfect Strangers Live DVD Review

Deep Purple even brings an element of fun in this live setting as you hear long virtuoso pieces that the fans used to, including a drum solo from Paice in Lazy or six-minute keyboard solo by Lord all make for an interesting performance one which many didn’t think could happen considering the bands peak and the turmoil within at one point. If you’re a long time Purple fan, you NEED to check out this performance simply to take a sneak peak in time, a wrinkle of greatness was again rekindled and shared live on stage, chemistry that can only be had when you make great music, and this line up was responsible for so many of those moments early on in their careers.

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Aerosmith – Rock for the Rising Sun DVD Review

On the music itself, everything is filmed with a remarkable HD image quality with excellent 5.1 audio mix very natural and raw to enjoy great and huge gems as’ draw the LINE ‘ , ‘ Mama Kin ‘ , ‘ Monkey on my back ‘ , ‘ Toys in the Attic ‘,’ Rats in the cellar ‘ and ‘ Train kept a rollin ‘ among others, and see a band that despite it’s seniority and physical ailments

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Anathema – Universal Live DVD Review

Liverpool’s Anathema is a progressive rock band in both style and evolution. Primarily consisting of two families the 3 Cavanagh brothers, and childhood friends John Douglas and his sister Lee. Debuting in 1993, with “Serenades”they were one of the pioneers of melodic heavy music. Always refusing to be categorized, and always musically ambitious they felt that they had something different to offer musically. Their experimentation has seen acclaim escalate with each release.

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Michael Schenker – Temple Of Rock: Live In Europe CD/DVD Review

Bottom line here is the performance by Shenker and all the pro players he decided to bring on board this tour, not only invigorating the axeman but inspiring new wave of fans old and new. A great comeback record topped even better by a great live tour and now a nice package all put together by the folks over at Inakustik, a must have for Schenker holics!!!

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A nice long and worthwhile package with plenty of bang for your buck if you’re a die hard fan of this great band, a complete retrospect of one of the most underrated bands around that are still going strong even to this day. This boxset/greatest hits set is something I would recommend without hesitation to anyone looking to expand on the back catalog of these Dutch masters as well as to appreciate they’re complete discography with music that truly represents their style and craft

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