“I’m more of a portrayer of a lyric than a singer in the sense of Lou Gramm or Paul Rodgers” – Joe Elliott on the new Down ‘n Outz release.

I’m well aware that this is a side project, and then as much as I’ll talk myself to death about these projects, we all know it can’t possibly compete with Def Leppard or anything like that. So, it has to be standalone to be taken for what it’s worth, which is, I like to think a great record that will stand up by being played on people’s stereos at home, you know what I mean?


Michael Monroe on New CD, One Man Gang – I Never Sold My Soul!

glad I was born during a time with real Rock & Roll! It was a time when people made music for the sake of the music; not for the business side of making a buck. A sign of old age is to say everything was better before us, but it was great in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Then it became a business that affected the quality of the music


John Cooper of Skillet – We Never Tried To Change In Order To Make A Certain Group Of People Happy!

  Interview  and Live Photos By: : Robert Cavuoto   One of the hottest musical acts, Skillet, has just collaborated with Z2 Comics to deliver a riveting graphic novel entitled, Eden; A Skillet Graphic Novel. It’s an original story written by lead singer, John Cooper along with Random Shock and artist Chris Hunt. A suspenseful […]

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Mushroomhead on new music, touring with Dope, and remembering Wayne Static of Static-X

Interview and Photos: Adrian Hextall / (C) MindHex Media With Mushroomhead having recently completed a UK tour and former touring mates Dope returning to the UK shores with Static-X as they present the 20th Anniversary of Wisconsin Death Trip, we spoke to Steve “Skinny” Felton, founder, leader, and drummer of Mushroomhead at their recent London show […]


Bruno Ravel of The Defiants on New CD, Zokusho – There Were No Rules, We Just Let It Rip!

  Interview By: : Robert Cavuoto     The Defiants have just released their sophomore CD, Zokusho, via Frontiers Music, and it rips with raw emotion, powerful guitar riffs, and incredible melodies. The band consists of Danger Danger members; Paul Laine [vocals], Bruno Ravel [bass], and Rob Marcello [guitar]. Together they celebrate the kind of […]

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I never wanted success but my brother always craved it. Michael Schenker discusses sibling rivalries

America was so excited to have them come over, then they left my picture out. I had a contract with them as the sixth-member for the album……, breach of contract. So, by leaving my name– my face out, Rudolf was able to fabricate an appearance over there as if nobody is missing.