Interview With Order Of Voices

On the morning after our first gig in Holland, I took us on a fairly long van journey on the wrong side of the road, it wasn’t until a car coming the other way around a round-about swerved around me that I realised we weren’t in England any more! We were all pretty ‘tired’ after the previous gig!..

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Interview with Rikard Zander (Evergrey)(Keyboards)

“We felt we were going in different directions and made the mutual decision that it was time for a change. A few of the guys felt it was not so funny anymore to be part of Evergrey and they also had a project on the side that they wanted to give main focus. Its of course a bit scary to make such a major change and we didn’t have a clue if we could find good replacements.”

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I was pretty blown away and very proud to have recently learned that the Worlds # 1 Promotion Man “ Pete Bennett,” whom promotes all the big superstars believes in my crossover songs and is aboard with my manager apart of the team being put into place. He’s promoted all the greats The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Kid Rock, Aerosmith…

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