Bloodbound – Stormborn Review

Swedish power metal band Bloodbound can certainly be unpredictable, from their early years of constant lineup changes (in particular they went through three singers over their first four albums, with Urban Breed actually joining and leaving the band twice, appearing on their debut and third album,) to the constant style shifts they’ve gone through, starting with their third album Tabula Rasa. One thing that’s always been true, is that all of their albums to date have delivered some entertaining and epic metal songs

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Tolerance – When Time Stops Review

lthough the similarities to a slightly calmer Dream Theater are also very clear, Tolerance is definitely a band you absolutely do not want to miss out when you call yourself a dedicated fan of the progressive rock/prog metal genre. The guitarwork of Carlos Cabrices is quite phenomenal and all I can add further here is that you need to urgently go and look up this band a.s.a.p.

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Neonfly – Strangers in Paradise Review

This is a surprising album in many ways, firstly because I hadn’t heard of the band, secondly because of the quality of the music on offer and also because of the range of styles and influences on display. If you like any of the bands mentioned then I would definitely recommend this album and also if you like melodic rock with a heavier edge then this may well appeal too.

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The Quireboys – This Is Rock n roll II Review

I’m sure it’s been said many times before but The Quireboys’ music makes probably the perfect party soundtrack and this album is an excellent example of that. All the things they do best are here – rock and roll, bluesy numbers, more mainstream rock and ballads. Just pick your tracks to suit your mood and your all set for a great night. And they’re even better live so see them if you get the chance.

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