ACCEPT Announce new album

Heavy metal pioneers ACCEPT just finished an extensive European tour – and have announced that they are immediately back in the game with a new studio album!


Interview with Wolf Hoffmann (Guitars) (Accept)

The Monsters of Rock shows in the 80s all though Europe and we just now recently this last year we played a huge show – we headlined at Wacken and headlined in front of 750,000 people in Poland – if you can believe it.

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South Park Festival live in Tampere, Finland Recaps and Highlights

Metal heads might look and sound a bit snobbish sometimes when talking about music but they are definitely much deeper in their dedication than any indie music or hip-hop fans. And they are more willing to accept you in their brotherhood too, if you just share the same passion for music. You can definitely feel it when you come to the festivals like South Park.

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Interview with ACCEPT bassist and back vocalist Peter Baltes

Now we are going to finish with this year’s album, we will tour, and then Wolf and I are going to start writing a new album. We want to start early. We are going to do the same thing of taking a whole year to write. No rush. We want to make it as exciting as Blind Rage was