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Madame Mayhem – Ready For Me Review

“Ready For Me” is the third musical offering by the Manhattan native. Madame Mayhem bills herself as a true rocker with an eclectic style in every aspect of life. She has an ‘in your face’ attitude.

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“Walking In My Shoes,” from the new album “Life”,  To be released in autumn   The Italian alternative metal band Down the Stone has released their new single and video for “Walking in my Shoes” (June 17th), anticipating the release of their new album “Life” which will be out this autumn on Rock Today’s label. […]

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Sevendust – Kill the Flaw Review

Sevendust are back with their 11th studio album released just recently. ‘Kill the Flaw’ is only one of 3 self-produced and recorded records to date. Kicking in with some powerful beats, we immediately have on our hands an attention grabber, cue very pleased fans. Track one ‘Thank you’ leaves a cracking impression featuring sweet licks, Grunge melodies and Alt Metal growls, something you’d expect from Sevendust but still a somewhat different vibe to previous projects.

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Tattermask – Carpe Noctem Review

Beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the best bands in the Charlotte NC area to see live and listen to their albums would have to be Tattermask. Within a short amount of time they have become a band that if I miss seeing I feel bad about it. I was beyond happy to make it out for their CD release party a few weeks ago celebrating the hard work they put into their latest EP Carpe Noctem.

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Serj Tankian – Harakiri Review

In what I personally consider a very clever move, the first ten seconds of the opening track CORNUCOPIA are very SYSTEM OF A DOWN in style and even though the rest of the song doesn’t quite follow suit, the SOAD vibe has already been imbedded in your head…

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Unholy Fables – Stone

The base of the band’s sound is something around the black metal style, but not like the evil, vile corpse-paint type black metal, more like black metal played by a circus band that has spent too much time listening to acts like PRIMUS and MR. BUNGLE…

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Acyl – The Angel’s Sin

How about an English speaking metal band from France that mix modern metal, groove metal and progressive metal with Ethnic influences and North African instruments. As if that’s not weird enough on its own, in an odd twist this E.P actually came out sounding pretty bloody good…