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Amon Amarth & Behemoth, King John’s Castle, Limerick, June 17th 2019

It is said that in 922AD, the Vikings established a stronghold on the site of King John’s Castle on King’s Island, in Limerick. They used the river Shannon and its tributaries to travel far and wide, laying waste to villages and pillaging their valuables. Almost 1100 years later, the Vikings have invaded once more; not from Norway this time, but from Sweden, in the form of melodic death metal brutes Amon Amarth.

Album Reviews

Behemoth – The Satanist Review

As someone who is new to BEHEMOTH I’m not even sure I can do this album justice with my review. All I know is that before I knew what hit me I had this fucking thing on REPEAT for half a workday. The Satanist is an album that will utterly consume and compel the listener