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Interview with Elliot Vernon, keyboards, Alestorm

With a belly full of grog and a parrot on my shoulder to record the conversation, we sail the seven seas in search of a rowdy, raucous, rambunctious bunch of ne’er do wells that go by the collective name of Alestorm.

Live Gig Photos

Bloodbound, Live at The Underworld, Camden London, April 1st 2015

Having waited a long time to see this excellent power metal outfit, it was definitely a show not to be missed but, due to family and work commitments Fredrik Bergh, Pelle Akerlind and Henrik Olsson would not be performing. It was therefore with some trepidation that I descended the steps of the Underworld to watch them. Would they be able to deliver? Lets see..

Album Reviews

Bloodbound – Stormborn Review

Swedish power metal band Bloodbound can certainly be unpredictable, from their early years of constant lineup changes (in particular they went through three singers over their first four albums, with Urban Breed actually joining and leaving the band twice, appearing on their debut and third album,) to the constant style shifts they’ve gone through, starting with their third album Tabula Rasa. One thing that’s always been true, is that all of their albums to date have delivered some entertaining and epic metal songs


Exclusive Interview with Urban Breed (Vocals) (Tad Morose, Bloodbound,Trail of Murder)

I just try to be as honest as possible and sing what I feel after I’ve put myself in the “mindset of the song”. Then when it comes down to the final touches, at least for this album, I weighed in Pelle’s and Daniel’s wishes too. So the title track, for instance, has me singing it slightly more aggressively than I personally wanted it. I wanted to sing it just like I sang the last chorus.