Extreme Metal Band Featuring Famed Frontman Ginger Wildheart to Release New LP, ‘Mutation III: Dark Black’, June 30

MUTATION is a UK-based extreme metal band formed in 2013 by celebrated vocalist / guitarist Ginger Wildheart, one of British rock’s official living legends and the man behind the rock group The Wildhearts. The underground three-piece will release its new album, Mutation III: Dark Black, on June 30 via Undergroove Records. Described as “an aural […]

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Devin Townsend Project – Deconstruction

The third in a four-part series may well be his most successful release yet. The album touches on every aspect that Townsend has used in the past, drawing its sound from a mix of STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, DTP, OCEAN MACHINE and his more cohesive and melodic solo stuff…

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Various Artists – SIN-atra

The simple fact here is that this album never stood a chance of really working. Sure these are absolute classic songs that may well get a re-introduction to a new audience via this release, but the approach taken with some of these songs falls flat. I guess the biggest surprise for me personally when I listened to this album was that I never realized just how many Frank Sinatra songs I actually knew all the words to! (Basically every song on this collection if you were wondering)…