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Lifeline – Scream Review

”Lifeline” combines two very talented vocalists in Nigel Bailey (Bailey, Three Lions) and Lee Small (Shy, Phenomena). Since their first meeting they have wanted to record an album together and after some time they recorded ”Scream”. The album features the help of long time friend and drummer Steve Clarkson (Bailey), Paul Hume (LawLess, Demon,) on the guitars and Nigel’s brother, Andy Bailey (Three Lions, Bailey), on the keyboards. The production, mixing and mastering is taken up by the great ”Paul Hume” whom features as a guitarist on the album as well. All tracks on this album are written by ”Nigel Bailey”.

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Coldspell – Frozen Paradise Review

I’m very impressed with this release. Frozen Paradise and Coldspell would’ve been instant hits back in the day, and will hopefully make some noise in this current age. It’s so hard for bands of this type to get any where which is a crying shame as their sound is so spectacular and deserving of people’s adulation. If you love melodic, catchy songs with strong chorus’ and great guitar solos, fantastic vocals and a groove then Coldspell is your band and Frozen Paradise is your album.

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Rage of Angels – Dreamworld Review

Not your typical trademark that we come accustomed too for Melodic Rock albums; the songs on Dreamworld are particularly long most clocking in over 6 minutes, only ten total tracks but it seems like the musicianship takes over, guitars and drums just generate an extra kick towards the end of these tunes, making it variable and different, nice for a change it breathes a new sense of epicness to them

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Departure – Hitch a Ride Review

Certainly for those who heard the bands last effort “Corporate Wheel” featuring a relatively unknown singer in Timothy Lewis in 2003, knew it would not be an easy task to fill those shoes because he also fulfilled an amazing voice, is safe to say that here Andi Kravljaca does more then hold his own as he hits some high octave notes in almost every song seamlessly. Mike’s guitars and keyboards are again superb and alongside their trademark AOR/Pomp/Prog style

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Phenomena – Awakening Review

Tom Galley started his Phenoma project in the early 80’s and with some early radio success this involvement lead him to work with some of the biggest names in the British Hard Rock scene at the time, such as Glenn Hughes (DEEP PURPLE, HTP), drum legend Cozy Powell (RAINBOW, WHITESNAKE a.o.), Don Airey (DEEP PURPLE), Neil Murray (WHITESNAKE) etc. The first Phenomena release was received to great acclaim and such effort after that has propelled the series into what is now the 6th album in the series.