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Starting off with Jay Pepper’s version of the Welsh National Anthem, it finally hits us that the Welsh Glam Rockers are back and doing it for their country. ‘Lost Reelz’ is an album filled with the delights of a collection of songs that have never before been available to the public. Covering years of material including demos and mixes this is a true album of rarities that any Tigertailz fan will certainly enjoy.

Album Reviews

Bai Bang – All Around the World Review

Bai Bang … if you guys read this: please change something in your songwriting, please add some different elements to it to keep everything fresh in the future … because if you don’t, it quickly gets boring and the final rating will be much more worse next time

Album Reviews

De La Cruz – Street Level Review

if you ever wanted a good metal record to jam at your next big party without scaring away every single woman within half a mile…your next purchase order should be pretty obvious at this point. THE SLEAZE LIVES ON!!!!

Album Reviews

Filthy Angels – L.A.F.A Review

Stylistically FILTHY ANGELS remind me a lot of bands like THE WILDHEARTS and THE ALMIGHTY in the sense that they combine the dirtier side of eighties sunset strip rock with the punk leanings of bands like THE JAM and THE RAMONES…