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Interview with Jizzy Pearl (Vocalist – Love/Hate, L.A. Guns, Ratt, Quiet Riot)

In 1990 Columbia records released the debut album by Love/Hate ‘Blackout in the Red Room’ and although singer Jizzy Pearl has stayed busy touring and making albums with such platinum artists as L.A. Guns, RATT and most recently Quiet Riot – ‘Blackout in the Red Room’ was the starting point, the beginning, the bar to which all else has been measured.

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Diamond Lane – World Without Heroes

Their music should be perfect to please the modern rock crowd, but where they differ is their clear love of eighties hair music that they have incorporated into their style. What they have ended up with is a sort of modern version of sunset strip type sleaze rock not too dissimilar to bands like BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, BUCKCHERRRY and even VAINS OF JENNA…