Hotei – Strangers Review

You may not know his name, but if you have ever seen the Quentin Tarantino samurai porn flick, Kill Bill, you definitely know his sound. Hotei is the guitarist/songwriter who created that film’s immediately recognizable theme song “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” (dun-dun-POW!!). Now on his newest album release, “Strangers”, he gives the listener an audio platter full of that head nodding sound.

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Mustasch – Testosterone Review

These Swedish Heavy Metallers are back with the latest Testosterone, giving a diversified mix between Soft to down right Heavy Metal throughout. No stranger from the studio after releasing albums every 1 to 2 years, making this ninth album a smashing follow up from 2014’s Thank You For the Demon. Gyllenhammar kept his promise and released pure creative freedom for all instrumental melodies ranging from heavy to slow hooks and grooves.

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Voodoo Hill – Waterfall Review

Voodoo Hill, the outstanding collaboration of Italian guitar wizard Dario Mollo and legendary singer/bassist Glenn Hughes (and if I have to tell you who he is, well, hang your head in shame and go find out.) This is their third album in 15 years and like a fine wine they get better and better. Mollo is best known for his work with Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath vocalist) in a band called The Cage, while Hughes is fresh off his classic rock trip with Black Country Communion and California Breed.

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Hollywood Vampires – Hollywood Vampires Review

It was about three years ago when shock rock legend Alice Cooper was talking about doing a cover album. Tribute style album to his “dead friends” like Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. Since then not much information was released and it would appear that this album would never happen. Earlier this year Alice Cooper announce that he was in the process of reanimate the Hollywood Vampires, an early 1970’s club for famous rock stars on the Sunset Strip. This reanimation would include the help from none other then Joe Perry of Aerosmith and Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp. And what was meant to be a simple Alice Cooper cover album, turned into something much bigger. Particularly when Rock ‘n Roll legends such as Brian Johnson, Paul McCartney, Slash, Kip Winger and many more joined this endeavour.

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Ugly Kid Joe – Uglier Than They Used Ta Be Review

There was time when it was easy to hate everything about Ugly Kid Joe. Bursting onto the scene back in 1991 like an obnoxious teenager at a back yard party, their chart-bothering singles and surfer-bum image made them easy to dismiss. However, what lay beneath the hype was a kick-ass rock band who had the tunes to match. Anyone who needed further proof only had to witness the band live, such as on their last run of UK dates back in 2013 where they wiped the floor with touring partners Skid Row.

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