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Lynch Mob – Rebel Review

George Lynch has been one of the busiest guys in rock of late, so it seems. Aside from producing a cool 4-track instrumental EP, collaborations with Stryper vocalist Michael Sweet and his old Dokken band mates who’s names aren’t Don Dokken. And arguably, my favorite album of the past year, the power trio KXM (Still cannot get that riff from “Rescue Me” out of my head!), we’re rewarded with a new Lynch Mob album to end the summer!

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Exclusive Interview with Drumming Legend Tommy Aldridge of Whitesnake (ex Ozzy/Thin Lizzy/Gary Moore Black Oak Arkansas)

if you didn’t get involved in the business for the right reasons and didn’t have some kind of footing, spiritual or just social footing so to speak when you are kind of connected in ways where you weren’t identified by your job or what people perceive you to be, it would be really easy to lose your way. Not so much just ego, but drugs everything and chicks – the whole 9 yards. So I don’t take any credit for that, and I’ve come out with everything intact but that goes somewhere else but it was an amazing experience and I certainly feel blessed and privileged to have been a part of that.

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Trixter – Human Era Review

After 25 years of making records, and coming off the back of successful comeback album ‘New Audio Machine’, bubbly rock ‘n’ rollers Trixter return with their latest release ‘Human Era’. This album delivers a host of powerful, yet modern, new material akin to their earlier workings, with influenced sprinklings of a few 80’s mainstays to top it off.

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RavenEye live at Voodoo Lounge, Dublin on 26th April, 2015

But the real highlight of the night didn’t take place on stage, glancing over now and again I noticed a young man at the front, who probably hadn’t yet discovered the wonders of a disposable razor, looking totally transfixed at what he was seeing. And in 1968 in the Great Hall in the University of Surrey, some other young man was probably having the experience when witnessing a pubescent Led Zeppelin. The world needs a new breed of rock gods, and with the term Legends In The Making been bandied about way too loosely in the past, it’s fitting is perfect with RavenEye.

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The Fifth – Confessions of Man Review

If you know me, you likely know that anything that resembles radio friendly hard rock is something that I simply don’t enjoy. Outside a handful of bands that I “lump” into that category, very few of them actually play that style, they’re just sonically on the periphery of it. And by that I mean they don’t sound like every band that crops up on those stations every five minutes. Whether its better songs, better guitar work, or better singer, those bands stand out to me from the rest and are the exception to my rule. The Fifth is a band that has some similarities to that style, but on every count knocks it out of the park.

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Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts – Blaster Review

If you were like me, your head probably done several revolutions when Scott Weiland released his Christmas covers album, The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, back in 2011. Not that it was a bad album, as Christmas albums go, it more than holds it’s own. But after a three year gap from “Happy” in Galoshes, his last proper studio album, a lot of people were left open mouthed. So when I heard a new studio album was imminent, I was afraid it might be a collection of Gregorian chant music or Avant-Garde Jazz. ThankfullyWeiland is back on familiar ground with Blaster, along with his band The Wildabouts.

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