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Killer Khan – Kill Devil Hills Review

My writing has given me so much satisfaction in my life. Not necessarily the writing itself, but certainly most of the events leading up to it, and some aspects that have remained with me forever. I have seen some amazing bands, heard some incredible music, and made some wonderful friends in my 43 years of life; made memories I will never forget, and forged relationships that have meant more to me through my love of music than most people will realize

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Dogbane – When Karma Comes Calling Review

In 2011 the band Dogbane released their debut Residual Alcatraz. Though I didn’t review that album I found it to be quite an impressive first album. Hailing from Greensboro NC, the band took to the scene in 2010 with a sound and style that was pure classic metal while at the same time maintaining a sound not entirely retro.