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Riverside – Love, Fear and the Time Machine Review

Although the genre of Prog Rock generally gives artists a much greater license for innovative and alternative techniques, it is clear upon listening to LOVE, FEAR AND THE TIME MACHINE, Riverside’s 6th studio album (due out on 4th September 2015) that the Polish Prog Rockers are continuously pioneering and progressing both lyrically and musically and their sound here reflects this and has morphed into something notably mellower. None of the tracks could be described as particularly heavy and although this is, in my opinion their best album to date, I feel their full potential has yet to be unleashed.

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Spiritual Beggars – Earth Blues Review

Stoner rock is a bit of an oddball genre for me. It’s like some bands are actually catchy enough to hold my interest and just make fun music to listen to (Monster Magnet comes to mind) but some bands are just so weird and noisy that you really need to have a spliff or two before you can start to enjoy their music (Sleep, Electric Wizard)