Interview with Animator Winners of the Bloodstock Ireland M2TM competition

The final of the Bloodstock Ireland Metal 2 The Masses competition was held in Fibber Magee’s in Dublin last month. The overall winners were Animator, a four-piece thrash band based in Wexford whose influences include bands like Annihilator, Testament and Pantera. They are vocalist James Doughty, guitarist Ryan Treanor, bassist Barry Ryan and drummer Darren Bradley. We caught up with them for a chat and some photos before they headlined the Dublin Thrash Fest in Fibber’s last Saturday…

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Maverick – Quid Pro Quo Review

Maverick were formed two years ago and in that time have released a critically acclaimed EP (“Talk’s Cheap”) and gained a reputation for putting on a great live show. After signing to Massacre Records, the “hard rockin’, heavy hittin’, kick-ass, dual guitar wielding wrecking machine from Belfast, Northern Ireland” are now releasing their debut album, “Quid Pro Quo”.

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Coldwar – Pantheist Review

Dublin based band Coldwar are known entity here in Ireland and have landed some heavy weight support slots in there time. I have personally witnessed them go toe to toe with Suffocation and Hail of Bullets and give both bands a run for their money in their home city of Dublin. Home is where they are plied there trade for years and have more than earned a step up to a bigger label and the world stage.

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