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Departed, The Fallen State, with Liberty Lies – live O2 Academy 2, Islington, London, March 8 2017

A true highlight and a track I hope remains in the band’s set for years to come is ‘Steal Your Crown’. It’s the sort of song that should grab the attention of radio stations and see it added to playlists worldwide.

Live Gig Photos

One Machine, Vader and Overkill – 13 April 2016, O2 Academy, Islington, London – UK.

Vader delivered a mixed set with songs from their albums dating back to the early 90’s to their more recent album, Tibi Et Igni, from 2014. Their mix of songs played perfectly to the crowd – old grizzly metal heads in their sleeveless denim jackets along with newbie metal heads some of whom were attending their first metal concert.