An Intimate and Revealing Interview with Beth Hart (Singer, Songwriter)

So you know what happens to the rest and I have this little funny philosophy that when a song has its own energy, as much as I want it to make it to that record, if it doesn’t it means that the song and the energy behind it which I call God or the Angels say it’s not ready to come out into the world yet. I usually record 16 to 18 songs per each record, back in the old days you could put 12 to 15 songs on a record no problem, nowadays unless you’re a pop act it’s kind of smart to not put more than 10.

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Joe Bonamassa – Driving Towards The Daylight Review

if you are a fan of any type of electric blues music, blues rock, amazing guitar playing or just rock music in general then there is no reason that you shouldn’t rush out and grab a copy of this record right now!…

Album Reviews

Black Country Communion – 2

The only thing missing this time around is the surprise factor and maybe a couple less really amazing tunes, but this is still a very, very high quality rock album that shows us BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION are easily one of the most exciting classic-rock inspired bands going around this generation…