Denner / Shermann premieres new video for “Satan’s Tomb”

Denner / Shermann recently released their debut, 4-track EP, Satan’s Tomb, via Metal Blade Records; today, the legendary guitar duo from Mercyful Fate has launched the video for the EP’s title track!

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Act of Defiance – Birth and the Burial Review

There are bands in the history of metal that have forged legacies that will live forever in the annals of metaldom. Some of these bands have made some egregious errors in their careers that have forever tarnished their luster and left their longtime fans scratching their heads wondering, “What the hell has happened to them?” Probably the most recognized of this ilk would be Metallica with everything post And Justice For All.

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Motor Sister – Ride Review

Motor Sister are a new group formed with some well known veterans playing straight ahead rock which covers many different styles within the rock genre. The band came about after Jim Wilson the front man from LA band Mother Superior gathered together some friends for a jam through his band’s songs for his 50th birthday.

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Desaster – The Arts of Destruction Review

Vocalist Sataniac adds a level of heaviness to the music. As I have stated before, it’s the vocals in extreme metal that puts me off of being a raving fan. Though his voice teeters close to what I typically try to avoid, he tosses in enough inflection change to keep me interested.