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Interview with Inglorious at Ramblin’ Man Fair, 2016

When the cat is away, Inglorious will play. With Nathan James off chatting to others, our intrepid reporter, Karen Hetherington gets to talk to the rest of the band in a rare opportunity to talk about life on the road.

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Inglorious, live at The Stables, June 14 2016

Inglorious, who are currently touring with only one albums worth of tracks delivered a flawless performance which consisted of their album in its entirety peppered with well known covers and a new song thrown in as an appetiser for the next album.

Interviews Photos

Interview with Nathan James – vocalist, Inglorious

Fortune favours the brave as they say and as we speak to Nathan via the universal medium of cellphone, he speculates, on his way home after buying the latest issue of Classic Rock magazine, as to why the press are going crazy for Inglorious right now.