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Exciting Line-Up For Next Year’s HRH United III

Destruction, Metal Church, Criminal, Cancer and Onslaught lead a cast of other great acts, who will join Alestorm, Hammerfall and Napalm Death at next year’s HRH United !!! HRH united III which has been sold out on accommodation since May this year, are pleased to announce another string of bands to an already impressive Metal […]


Interview with Nige Rockett (Guitars) (Onslaught)

Typical close the album thrasher I would say one of the most old school tracks on the album I would guess musically and lyrically it has become very very relevant over the past few weeks I think. Its the kind of song with the Arab theme being enemy of my enemy is an old ancient Arabic saying you know.

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Onslaught – VI Review

The new thrash elite need to stop and take notice that Onslaught are holding no punches and are continuing on the path of total domination. The old guard still has some tricks up its sleeve and aren’t quite ready to step back and pass the torch on. If thrash fucking metal is your passion then you must add this one to your collection. It even got my old bones in the mood for some time in the pit.