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King Kobra – II Review

I’m so glad that King Kobra is back and as strong as ever. And I hope they keep on their ascension of awesome. As long as they keep releasing albums as strong as this one, there should be no worries about them sticking around. And as a long time fan, that’s excellent news.

Album Reviews

Blanca White – Resurgence of Rock Review

Blanca White is a labor of love from it’s creators Ken Savage and Austin Schell who like to remind all of us that they don’t like the music world we live in and we need to revive that old school “Rock” that made us party down and forget your worries.

Album Reviews

King Kobra – King Kobra

The steamy racy appeal of “Midnight Woman” may fill the heart of every hard rocking lady that still wears black today with blunted emotion, not to mention an addictive chorus to lead the way. The fine piece of scorching Hard Rock shreds lead on the pounding of “This Is How We Roll” a tune which has anthem classic written all over it.


RUDY SARZO, TRACY G, ERIC MARTIN, PAUL SHORTINO Remember RONNIE JAMES DIO has issued its latest podcast (episode #101), featuring interviews with a number of musicians in which they remember the legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio. Each artist shares a memory of Ronnie as well as his favorite track from Dio’s vast catalog.