Interview with Pete Way (UFO/Waysted /Ozzy) Legendary bassist

Well put it like this-I wouldn’t be thinking about sticking a needle in my arm at the moment, or later or when ever. That’s something that has been and gone. When you have gone that far you get to the point where you know there is no return. I decided that I wanted to be a musician and I wanted to go back to my roots

Album Reviews

Fastway – Eat Dog Eat Review

The quality of the songs are quite evident taken to a noticeable level with Jepson’s strong vocal range. Some perfect examples of these characteristics are the simplistic guitar riff in “Dead and Gone” being elevated by Jepson with his killer vocals. The more driven rhythm of “Sick as a Dog” is nice and rocks out more, but the song is much too short for my liking. Another cool tune comes via the rocker heavy dose of “On And On”.