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Black Whiskey – Heavy Train review

Black Whiskey will openly admit that their sound and roots are firmly entrenched in those classic sounds of the seventies and early eighties capturing influences from Free, Gary Moore, Led Zeppelin and even Glenn Hughes. Dig a little deeper however and we hear a modern take on the sound that also nods its head to the likes of Audioslave and Rival Sons.

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Fen – Of Losing Interest Review

On the outer it’s a pretty decent modern progressive rock record, but it lacks the raw emotion and smothering vibe of the band’s previous release and comes across as a much less personal and less moving album…

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Overhead – Of Sun And Moon Review

In a perfect world OVERHEAD would be smashing up the charts world-wide, they certainly have the musical and songwriting talent to go all the way…

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InVertigo – Veritas Review

while there’s definitely plenty of odd time signatures and some really virtuoistic musical passages, each song still remains catchy, logical and very, very melodic.