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Good Tiger – We Will All Be Gone Review

It’s very easy just to say “this band is striving to be a Progressive Metal band,” when in actual reality they’re probably just making the music that pops into their head while writing and recording. I feel like Good Tiger is that type of band.

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Sectile – Sectile Review

When you think of the Irish Rock Scene, you will probably think of U2, The Cranberries; just to name a few. Very rarely will you associate Ireland with the Progressive genre. However, with a band such as Sectile, you will happily discover that the Progressive scene on the Emerald Isle is alive and well

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Sons Of Apollo – Psychotic Symphony Review

When it comes to prog rock, the resume this supergroup brings to the table can’t be equaled in any manner. The members are from bands all across the spectrum of prog rock

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A Sound of Thunder – Tales From the Deadside Review

Wading through a sea of new bands there are few that have made as positive impact on me as A Sound of Thunder. My first exposure was when I saw them opening for my very first Raven show. I was already pretty amped for the show because as a lifelong Raven fan to finally be able to see them was a dream come true. Typically under these circumstances I don’t care who is opening, but ASoT made such an impact on me with their songs and delivery I was blown away.

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Kiko Loureiro – Sounds of Innocence Review

Sounds of Innocence” is a record with an interesting concept. Since Kiko is first and foremost, a guitarist, though he has played bass and drums on some of his previous records, his playing is the centerpiece of the record.

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Dr Sin – Animal Review

The versatility of guitar player Edu Ardanuy along with the brutal and infectious groove of brothers Ivan and Andria Busic has made this triple team assault very popular in rock circles

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Human Cometh – HCII

They are a misanthropic mixture of dark, melodic Hard Rock even borrowing some progressive metal elements in spots. I think this will eventually be the hardest thing for a band of this caliber to break through in any particular genre, even fore fans haven’t heard of their sound.