Paradise Lost – Obsidian review

After celebrating, or indeed, commiserating 30 years of their doom and death metal career, Paradise Lost, have decided to flip direction with their 16th release.

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I genuinely didn’t know what to expect from the A Light Within front-man, i love that band loads so i had high expectations, but also an open mind, there’s a lot going on here and there are definitely songs that a creative, visually artistic mind could make something of.

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Alter Bridge, Shinedown, The O2, London, December 21 2019

Beautiful in parts, phone lights a plenty, it was a mesmerising performance but after building the atmosphere from the off with high powered rock music, the acoustic segment lost the opportunity to deliver the killer blow and bring home the show triumphant.

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Duel – Valley of Shadows Review

DUEL is from Austin, Texas and they feature two ex-members of the Nuclear Blast Records signed band Scorpion Child. With DUEL, they seem to go into a more Doom/70s Proto-Metal Black Sabbath direction, which could already be heard on their great previous albums Fears of the dead (2016) and Witchbanger (2017), but DUEL also has the classic 70s hard rock guitar riffs, guitar solo’s and some killer choruses (like on their first couple of records during songs like Devil, Heart of the sun and This old crow).

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Vambo – Vambo review

Both guitarist Pete Lance and vocalist Jack Stiles have managed to craft that perfect combo that all classic bands over the decades have produced. This is clearly not just one person’s vision and in Vambo, the band all feel like necessary cogs in the wheel.

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Bad Wolves – N.A.T.I.O.N. Review

This album is one I feel every metalhead should give a listen to. Even if you’re a fan of just hard rock music, you most likely would enjoy this album! I can’t wait to see where Bad Wolves go on their tour, which can be found easily through their website!