Thunder Mother

Thunder Mother – Road Fever Review

What is it with the melodic/glam/hair band revival (for lack of a better term) going on in Sweden? I’ve been digging the stuff I’ve heard coming from there, but the sophomore effort from all female quintet THUNDERMOTHER is a total hoot! Recorded over sessions in Stockholm and Klippan, the production is tight, no-frills and raw around the edges, complemented by the old-school analog equipment used to make this.

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Voodoo Vegas Album Art

Voodoo Vegas – Hypnotise Review

Straight off their successful critically acclaimed debut album, and subsequent tour with Y&T, the Bournemouth based hard rockers, Voodoo Vegas, bounce back with what is a stop gap 4 track EP entitled “Hypnotise”. If you are a fan of rock, hard rock music, this is a must, they sit comfortably somewhere between the likes of Jettblack and Airbourne. Yes, I know this a strong statement, but very true in my opinion.

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Imperial State Album Art

Imperial State Electric – Honk Machine Review

Having been a fan of Sweden’s The Hellacopters I was was pleasantly surprised when by pure chance I discovered Imperial State Electric less than a year ago, thanks Pandora. Upon my introductory listen I thought: “wow this band sounds like The Hellacopters”. I’d soon learn that singer / guitarist Nicke Andersson was the chief architect of both. Imperial State Electric picks up right where The Hellacopters left off. Delivering no frills rock ‘n roll that cherry picks some of the best elements of classic rock’s glory days with sonic touchstones ranging from the mid 60’s through the late 70’s.

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Gus G – Brand New Revolution Review

While known for his work with Firewind, Dream Evil, Nightrage and Mystic Prophecy, the wider American audience will probably recognize Gus G for his performance on Ozzy Ozbourne’s 2010 album “Scream.” To me the guitar sounded like second hand Zakk Wylde and it left me unimpressed. But try not to think of that album — Gus’ second solo L.P. is a pretty decent blast of melodic metal.

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