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Lancer – Second Storm Review

In 2013 Swedish power metal group Lancer entered the scene with their highly addictive self-titled debut, an album which had a very strong 80’s feel to it from start to finish, mixing elements of early Helloween and classic Maiden together to make for a style that was perhaps a bit cliche, but certainly a lot of fun to listen to.

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Dragonforce – Maximum Overload Review

Maximum Overload is a perfect example of how a potentially great band can evolve their sound in ways that take them to a whole new level, while still maintaining all their core elements. Dragonforce fans can expect the same focus on ultra speedy, epic power metal as ever, but with a focus on heavier riff, shorter songs, and more varied songwriting than before. Any power metal fan who isn’t allergic to the more melodic and “cheesy” side of the genre is highly recommended to check this album out.

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God’s Army AD – God’s Army AD Review

Have you ever listened to an album that has many elements you love in a band, yet not really be blown away by it? It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while I will listen to an album that reminds me of bits and pieces of bands I love combined with other elements I appreciate in my music yet I find myself not getting drawn into it. Sadly Massacre Records band God’s Army AD seems to fit in that category.