Rainbows Are Free – Waves Ahead of the Ocean Review

While I must admit Rainbows Are Free play the sort of music I don’t listen to very often, they do it very, very well and this album has many highlights to make it worth keeping for those moments when you want a bit of “psychedelic proto-metal”! Clearly they are top musicians that enjoy what they are doing and don’t take things too seriously but can Rock out when they want to. Very enjoyable.

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Guns Of Moropolis – In Dynamite We Trust

They have described their sound as “METALBILLY” and after much deliberation I’m inclined to agree that this is the best way to explain what they are going for. Think of a slightly heavier version of rockabilly, but mixed with some stoner rock and a slight pinch of punk rock all covered in a layer of sludgy metal…

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Blue Aside – The Orange Tree

THE ORANGE TREE is a five song E.P that is based in the sound of traditional doom metal, but also has a strong affliction to space rock and has a very stoner rock feel throughout. The five songs add up to a total of 35 minutes, which is good value for an E.P and had the band thrown another two tracks on here it could have easily been promoted as a full length release.

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