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TNT – 30th Anniversary 1982-2012 Review

My only complaint about the album is that Tony Harnell didn’t sing it all. Much respect to Mr. Mills, but he simply doesn’t have that level of abilities. It’s made very evident when he sings “Everyone’s A Star.” I’m so glad to have, more or less, the version of TNT that I have loved for so long back together. Now for some new music and hopefully making the dream come of actually getting to see them live finally, that would make me very happy. I’m not typically a fan of live albums save for certain ones. 30th Anniversary 1982-2012 is a wonderful celebration of such an amazing band that is far more deserving of acknowledgment and respect in this business than they get on this side of the globe that it’s worth a spin. Even with my issues with it I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this album.

Album Reviews

Tony Harnell & the Wildflowers – Tony Harnell & the Wildflowers Review

Simply put, this is an incredible album for fans of Tony’s, fans of Thal’s, and fans of great music (acoustic or otherwise.) The fact that talent of this level is overlooked by the average consumer makes me sad to even be on the fringe of the music business.


Interview with: Tony Harnell (Tony Harnell and the Mercury Train, Starbreaker, Westworld, TNT) (Vocals)

I think I was a really good technician but sang way too high, I wish I had the realization that came in the mid 90’s a bit earlier, but we didn’t really ever have a top level producer during our hey day to give us that sort of direction and with that said, time brings maturity and I am always striving to get better.