Album Reviews

Web – Deviance

I hear some doom metal here and there throughout this album, but as a whole it’s more like a slower, brooding version of thrash metal with slight progressive tendencies. The guitars have that really thick lower-end sound and when they mix it up with the deep bass grooves there is plenty of meat in the sound…

Album Reviews

Cult Of The Fox – The Sea Beneath The Sand

The execution however isn’t quite as good as I would have hoped and the fact is they still sound like a band in its early stages. The biggest complaint I have here with the vocals, which just simply sound too raw and under-developed for my ears personally…

DVD Reviews

Accept – Metal Blast From The Past DVD Review

The seven videos being fair in quality and on the early “I’m A Rebel” video you have a very young Udo not featured in army attire yet, and looking very young maybe in his teens. One cool feature is the complete set of lyrics behind each album discography of the band, plus your customary behind the scene.