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Bloodpit – The Last Day Before The First

Released by Backstage Alliance – 2009

Review Added September 22, 2009

· Running Time: 44:17
· Release Date: May 13, 2009
· Musical Style: Hard Rock
· Links:

1. The Price To Pay**
2. The Beginning Of A Fire
3. Free To Scream
4. Bloodcurdling Dome**
5. Torn You Within**
6. Sulfur On My Skin**
7. In Your Play**
8. My Escape
9. Where’ve The Good Days Gone?**
10. For You To Be Safe
11. Ode For The Killswitch**
12. Torpid
**Hot Tracks

* Antti Ravín – vocals
* Paavo Pekkonen – guitar
* Pietu Hiltunen – guitar
* Aleksi Keränen – bass
* Alarik Valamo – drums

When it comes to hard rock from Finland I would be the first to admit is not my specialty, youll be more bound to find me blasting some Nightwish or Sonata Arctica, since metal has become a trademark staple in Finland and there has been a few prominent groups that have mad a name for themselves in the metal scene. But sometimes we are on the hunt for new or exciting bands that simply need more credit and would like to expose their music. Bloodpit came to my ears on a advice from a friend of mine in the industry and I figure I give them a chance. I was pleasantly surprised from the first spin. It was founded in 1994 by Matthau Mikojan (Matti Mikkonen), lead singer, and Paavo Pekkonen, guitarist. I was trying to categorize their sound and from first listen I must point out that they have an interesting mix of traditional new hard rock with some gothic influences ala Sentenced another favorite of mine from this amazing country.

As we get into the music more in depth we discovered opening track “The Price To Pay” which brings to mind other Finnish rockers like “The 69 Eyes” which have groomed a nice following here in the states. This track has a nice chorus and what stand out is the strong vocals of Antti Ravín which give the track and the band itself a stronger punch as he can hit the high notes with authority. As I listen to “The Beginning of a Fire” I begin to notice the constant crunchiness sound that the guitars entice. Both “Bloodcurdling Dome and Torn You Within” have flashes of some recent works from bands like Bullet for my Valentine and The Used. While not managing to copy any of their styles, Bloodpit seems to have a unique sound in that they have a good mix of strong vocals and nice chance of rhythm in between the breaks and choruses, keeping the listener entertained as the album rolls along. Some of their gothic influences appear in full pledge on the track “Sulfur On My Skin” which has a nice dark vibe and is a nice change of pace as it starts slow and fuming and then blows up to punch you with a madly riff to your face and yet again with strong vocal lines and solid guitars. This one appears to these ears as the standout track on the album. “Where’ve The Good Days Gone? and Ode For The Killswitch” follow the same structure as the opening tracks to even this musical experience to the fullest.

Not really knowing what to expect on first listen is sometimes a good thing, and in this case since I had not heard of the band before but was pleasantly surprise in what I found. Meanwhile they will not wow you with high flying guitars like some Finnish Metal bands or other rock acts, what they manage to accomplish is a nice mix of chunky guitars with some strong vocals that adds a different layer to the music and never making a track dull or repeated. I would hope for the future that bands like Bloodpit are able to expose their music to the masses via their labels, and maybe one day assume the recognition that some other Finnish acts have acquired such as Nightwish, Sonata Arctica and The 69 Eyes. I would recommend this one to any fans of Bullet for my Valentine for example, but anybody willing to give bands that deserve some recognition a chance. Support the band and the music.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  7/10

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