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Danger Danger – Revolve

Released by Frontiers – 2009

Review Added September 05, 2009

. Produced and Mixed by Bruno Ravel at Soundcheckers Studios, NY
· Running Time: 48:02
· Release Date: September 18, 2009
· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock
· Links:
1. That’s What I’m Talking About
2. Ghost Of Love**
3. Killing Love
4. Hearts On The Highway**
5. Fugitive**
6. Keep On Keepin’ On
7. Rocket To Your Heart
8. FU$**
9. Beautiful Regret**
10. Never Give Up**
11. Dirty Mind
**Hot Tracks

· Ted Poley: Vocals
· Rob Marcello: Guitars
· Steve West: Drums
· Bruno Ravel: Bass and Keyboards

Danger Danger returns to the hard rock scene and reuniting as the original lineup and bringing back Ted Poley which was their original vocalist since their conception back in 1987. As some DD fans remember so well the infamous lineup change to replace Poley for former vocalist Paul Laine, wasn’t a popular choice at the time and some fans rescented that decision. Also a newcomer to the band is the very talented guitarist Rob Marcell (Marcello/Vestry) which means no Andy Timmons on this project.

Due to some legal issues their last studio album “Cockroach” which was suppose to be their 3rd studio album was never released on time, the band decided to relase it in 2 separate discs one with Laine and the other with Poley on vocals, it seems like their was always a split of which vocalist fit the mold of the band batter. To say the lineup changes and the problems the band has had getting their music out there has been turbulent is an understatement. But now they do come back wih their 7th studio album and with Poley at the helm they hope to gained back that trademark sound that appealed to so many fans at the time, or will they?

Well to kick things off is the track “That’s What I’m Talking About” it has a little mainstream rock sound and Poley sounds very good when the chorus rolls around. The riff is pretty basic sleaze metal and the hook is not bad, the solo kicks in midway but the lyrics could use some more work. One of the killer tracks of the album is “Ghost Of Love” which starts with a ripping solo and soon Poley hits the high notes and leads the song to a nice buildup where Marcello rips it with another nice lick, one of the highlights for sure. Another top cut is “Hearts On The Highway” has some nice lyrics and the rythym section and chorus are as melodic as it gets. It reminds me a bit of some classic Harem Scarem stuff as Marcello busts out a nice riff to keep the track rolling along very nicely. To change up the tone comes “Fugitive” which starts with a simple acoustic intro although the track ain’t bad I was left wanting it to pick up a abit and expecting more of a power ballad. The one track that does remind me of some of their classic sleaze trademark sound is “Fu$” even though the lyrics might sound a little cheesy I like the song overall, it provides us with a classic “glam” atmosphere and those sleaze choruses that we’re so popular in the 80’s. “Beautiful Regret” has a modern touch that fits the song well, the chours is a little laid back but it doesn’t spoil the song, the momentum builds up nicely to conclude. Even though the tracks varied in style it fails to recapture their essential sound, you just get the feeling that it feels misplaced and uninspired overall.

I suppose in a way if you we’re expecting something retro or close to what they were known for then you will probably be dissapointed. It’s a different sound, the glam/sleaze is really nowhere to be found. I don’t have a problem with Poley sure I think Laine probably had better range but regardless the vocalist is not the problem here, rather the music structure and the overall sound is just not enough to keep me hooked. Some of those big choruses and just “attitude” this band used to have is not emminemt on this album. Fans of Poley should go buy it to support the band, because is nice to have them back but I think i would probably have to sit back and wait for another release since they are capable of so much more in my humble opinion. “Revolve” is a fitting name for this album after all Danger Danger has been a revolving door through the years. Not a bad album but it will probably disssapoint if you had high expectations for DD.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  7/10

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