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Johnny Lima – Livin’ Out Loud

Released by Shop Pop Records – 2009

Review Added October 01, 2009

. Produced by Johnny Lima
· Running Time: 45:51
· Release Date: April 28, 2009
· Musical Style: Hard Rock/AOR/Sleaze
· Links:

1. All I Wanna Do**
2. Wildflower
3. Hate To Love You**
4. I’m On fire
5. Somebody To Love
6. Caught In The Middle**
7. Gimme Some Rock, So I Can Roll**
8. Livin’ Out Loud**
9. Still Waiting For You
10. Long Way Down
11. Hard To Say Goodbye**
12. ‘Til Love Is Gone**
13. Nowhere Left To Go**
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Johnny Lima (Vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards)
Craig Takeshita (Lead Guitars)
Bernie F. Diaz (Drums)
Danny Danzi (Lead Guitars)
Christian Wolff (Lead guitars)
Brandon Baumann (Backing vocals)

Change is sometimes a good thing, but in Johnny Lima’s case keeping the trademark style of Hard Rock and Sleaze intact has resulted in a very enjoyable musical experience. He has been around a while now and most notably has been involved in producing for bands such as Dirty Penny, Miss Crazy, Diamond Lane and the new supergroup Freakshow as well as some of his outstanding solo material, but Lima’s career while taking it’s due diligent time delivering albums (perhaps the fact he got married amongst a very busy producing career is the culprit), it was a little puzzling to wonder why such a length of time between records, but all that has changed now when “Livin’ Out Loud” graced ours ears. His voice sounds like a mix of early Bon Jovi and perhaps a little Bryan Adams in places and even some Tony Harnell, a solid voice with a super sharp production marks the spot here for this excellent record. Blending genres from more heavy metal tracks to classic sleaze to even some AOR, Johnny Lima has delivered a treasure chest of a record which tops and rivals any of the other melodic rock material that has come out already and sounds heavier then his previous works.

Wearing the sleaze trademark on it’s shoulder is the opening track “All I Wanna Do” which has Lima’s bolsting a great catchy and anthemic corus. With another nice chrous backdrop and pretty chunky guitar riff, the track “Hate To Love You” streaks along with a nice edgyness which got me hinting as to what sleaze rock would of sounded if those great bands from the 80’s we’re still rocking today. Keeping your body moving is the upbeat rocker “Caught In The Middle”, delivering some tasty lyrics and Deff Leppard type guitar licks, very cool track with another nice vocal performance from Johnny. Paying homage to bands like Motley Crue and others is the kick ass track “Give Me Some Rock So I Can Roll” which tops the highlights form the first half, high flying guitars set the pace strong here and with some juicy lyrics perhaps about the state of the music scene today?, Lima consistently manages to make the songs fun and vibrant. Another top track is “Long Way Down” with a soaring chorus and another addictive guitar riff will have you banging your head in true hard rock style, one of my favorites tracks on the record. Proving that originality can impress is the very AOR stylish sounds of “Hard To Say Goodbye” utilizing some trademark keyboards a the beginning, then plowing into yet another upbeat rocker with a striking guitar solo that will bring a smile to any fan of classic Hard Rock.

Lima doesn’t do wrong on any of these tracks, they all have some to offer, the production stands out as strong and empowering which shouldn’t surprise anybody with his talent, the musicianship is solid all around and there are really no filler or weak tracks to note. Is a breath of fresh air to still be able to enjoy inspired music that sounds refreshing and takes advantage of all the great elements that make this genre so enjoyable.”Living’ Out Loud” has recieved some great reviews since it was relased in the summer and greatly deserved, I recommed this to any fans of Hard Rock/Sleaze/AOR, just a very well made album all around. Go get it now!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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