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Lynch Mob – Smoke and Mirrors

Released by Frontiers Records – 2009

Review Added September 1, 2009

· Running Time: 60:00
· Release Date: September 18, 2009
· Musical Style: Hard Rock
· Links:
1. 21st Century Man**
2. Smoke and Mirrors
3. Lucky Man
4. My Kind Of Healer
5. Time Keepers**
6. Revolution Hero
7. Let The Music Be Your Master
8. The Phacist**
9. Where Do You Sleep at Night?**
10. Madly Backwards**
11. We Will Remain
12. Before I Close My Eyes**
13. Mansions In The Sky (Bonus Track)
**Hot Tracks

Oni Logan – Vocals
George Lynch – Guitar
Marco Mendoza – Bass
Tommy Aldridge – Drums

With the simple yet complex riffs of the one they call Mr. Scary, comes a magnificent rush to head of insane guitar solos that will melt your brain and give you goose bumps. That was what the great George Lynch (former Dokken) shredder made us feel when playing with his former band. He will forever be remember for the many yet still underrated sound that they gave us in the 80’s. But as time has gone on and Dokken has long moved on with the former guitar maestro, he returns and reunites with the band he started some almost 20 years ago while he was still in Dokken, and that is Lynch Mob. Lynch has sporadically recorded under the Lynch Mob name and has toured with the band in the past and now they return to try to re capture the sound of they”re first 2 great albums of hard rock titled “Wicked Sensation” and the self titled “Lynch Mob”. Now they are back with former Lynch Mob singer Oni Logan, the legend Tommy Aldrige on drums (Black Oak Arkansas, Pat Travers Band, Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Moore, Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy.), Marco Mendoza( Blue Murder, Thin Lizzy, and Soul Sirkus” amongst others and Mr Scary himself on the guitars.

The record kicks up with the upbeat rocker “21st Century Man” which has Oni singing some traditional hard rock stuff ala the good old Lynch Mob days from the past. The track consists of some driving, pounding drums; interesting vocal effects, including spoken parts with a nice melodic guitar solo, later ending in a another solo from George to close the track nicely.”Smoke and Mirrors” starts with a nice bluesy intro leading Logan to slowly build the momentum and kick it into gear when the chorus comes around. A nice sounding track with some decent lyrics. At this point the album gets out to a average start at best but soon comes the track “My Kind of Healer” which picks up the pace and energy and kick ass chorus makes this one of the standout tracks that catches your ears and sounds more like the traditional Mob tracks from the first records.

Up next is “Time Keepers” which is possibly the heaviest track on the record, starting with some nifty guitar distortion Lynch kicks it and the riff is furious sounding like something out of “Mr Scary”‘s metal garage. With some nice lyrics and dark vibes definately one of the most original tracks and killer cuts “Smoke and Mirrors” has to offer. Some of the other standout tracks are “Where Do You Sleep at Night” with it’s catchy and more melodic then the opening tracks. “The Phacist” is busts out at the listener with some thick heavy chops and a pure rocker in a every sense, closing midway with a Lynch trademark solo which screams out “I’m still alive and kicking, don’t you forget”. The hardy hard rock madness continues with ” Madly Backwards” with a Southern rock influence ala Molly Hatchet. A little more hard hitting and pulsing with a blistering guitar solo by Lynch and also the most varied song on the album, pure upbeat energy and it screams out “crazy” and i like it. One of the standouts of the album so far. In an odd turn the song “Before I Close My Eyes” completeley sounds alternative new age, which bring memory of recent bands like “The Killers” for some strange reason. Definately original but with a Lynch Mob modern twist to it, call it an alternative upbeat ballad. Logan reminds of “Geoff Tate” in the chorus, weird but true, but it ends with some nice fretwork by Lynch to close out the top tracks.

At long last the band has reunited after 17 long years of trials and tribulations, solo projects and some bad decisions, the rock world will be happy to welcome them back. Any fan of old Lynch Mob should find enough to bang its head on, although the record has some weak spots and some duds here and there it manages to be solid and varied at the same time and keeping the listener in tuned. Overall is a great step in the right direction and I can’t wait to see what else these guys have in stock for us next time. Knock it back and please don’t let us wait so long for the next one.

Written by Marjorie

Ratings Marjorie 7/10

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