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Ratt – Infestation

Released by Roadrunner Records

Review Added May 13, 2010

Release: April 20, 2010
Running Time: 42:23
Genre: Hard Rock

1. Eat Me Up Alive**
2. Best Of Me
3. A Little Too Much**
4. Look Out Below
5. Last Call
6. Lost Weekend**
7. As Good As It Gets**
8. Garden Of Eden
9. Take A Big Bite
10. Take Me Home
11. Don’t Let Go
**Hot Tracks

Stephen Pearcy: Lead vocals
Warren DeMartini: Guitar
Carlos Cavazo: Guitar
Robbie Crane: Bass
Bobby Blotzer: Drums

There’s a few glam bands that became the staple of the genre in the early 80’s when TV and radio filled the airwaves with big hair bravado and sexual lyrics along with high flying guitar solos we’re ever so popular not only as fashion statement but as a way of life. The band Ratt was certainly one of the early one’s to establish their name mark on that movement, and since then of course the countless records, concerts and everything else that comes with living the high speed life of rock and roll came along with it too. If you look back at Ratt’s career in retrospect, you notice that earlier works we’re great, albeit mainstream, but later catalogue releases we’re received with mediocrity and lukewarm reception, and after personal struggles and the loss of rhythm guitarist Robbin Crosby, the band’s relevance seemed to have toned down.

It has been 10 years or so since their last official album self titled, and now Ratt welcomes back again lead vocalist and founding member Stephen Pearcy and lead guitarist Warren Demartini as well as drummer Bobby Blotzer as part of their classic lineup. As far as I’m concerned there is not Ratt without these 3 guys in the band. So they unleash their 7th studio album “Infestation” and the first since their 1999 self title album and you wonder what they still have to offer to the Hard Rock world? Well apparently whatever formula they wanted to revisit from the “Out Of The Cellar” and “Invasion Of Your Privacy” seemed to have gotten stuck on their new record ‘Infestation”, because the sounds staged here can easily be placed in between any of the 2 aforementioned records.

Any complaints of old school Ratt being too bluesy or gone too soft can be quickly erased as the bombastic riffs come screaming at you when the roll steamer opener track “Eat Me Up Alive” smashes your ears drums in with some nice crunchy double bass guitar action. Listen to the chorus and rhythm guitar action in “Best Of Me” and you think you’re listening to “Jump” by Van Halen ohh yeah vintage 80’s baby. The ch-icky attitude of Pearcy blasts full throttle on the track “A Little Too Much” with an addictive hook and another memorable high rising guitar solo. The playful mood of “Lost Weekend” is another top notch cut when the Ratt pack comes out with some more tasty fun lyrics and quintessential hooks. Only a one short beef is that the quality of the songs seemed to die down a bit toward the end, if not the score might be a little higher.

The exuberant energy displayed on “Infestation” will be enough for the casual Glam/Sleaze fan to take notice of the group once more as well as any hard rock fanatics. The whole album blows by quickly as it packs a good number of consistent 80’s flavored glam slab as only Ratt could deliver. For Ratt fans hesitant to pick this one up, don’t be and rest assure that this is as good as any of their top material with Pearcy sounding as alive as ever and the guitar duo of Demartini and new comer rhythm guitarist Carlos Cavazo play perfectly towards their trademark sound. Need further recommendation? Didn’t think so, go dig it up and knock it all the way to the 80’s.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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