Interview with: Angelica Rylin (Lead vocals) and Member of The Murder of My Sweet.

Interview by Denys, posted on 02/08/2010

Interview with: Angelica Rylin (Lead vocals) and Member of The Murder of My Sweet.

Myglobalmind: Cheers Angelica!!! From friends at Myglobalmind. We like to thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for our fans over at our Webzine. Congratulations on the new record!!! It must be an exciting time for you yes?

Angelica: Hey guys! Thank you DJ Yes it is a very exciting time for us now. It feels so amazing just to have the record out on the market for people to hear and the response from our fans and critics has been great so far. I couldn’t be happier at the moment.

Myglobalmind: What kind of early feedback are you guys hearing about the record so far?

Angelica: Well what’s interesting is that we seem to attract all different kinds of listeners. Both the heavy metal guys and the pop princesses seem to love the songs and the concept and I personally am very glad that we appeal to so many. As far as early feedback of the album I know we have been given a lot of great reviews and lots of 8, 8,5 and 9 out of 10 points so we are quite satisfied considering this is our debut album.

Myglobalmind : Can you tell us a little about how the band got started and how all the members came together to form this project?

Angelica: It’s quite exiting how we got together on this album and with the band. The instrumentalists were all hand picked by Daniel Flores for their special abilities and foremost because they were good friends. He meat Andreas Lindahl while working with Danish act Zool, Daniel Palmqvist is a long time friend and co-worker for many of the albums he have been part of in his studio Sound vs. Science and Johan was there from Daniels other band Mind’s Eye. Apparently I had a great reputation here around Stockholm and when a friend of Daniel’s recommended me for the band he decided to give me a call. I came and sang the first verse of Kiss of death and that was it. I had to be in the band.

Myglobalmind : Can you tell us a little more about your musical background and how it lead you to The Murder Of My Sweet?

Angelica: Well I started out as a dancer when I was a girl and I even went to the Swedish Ballet Academy here in Stockholm witch is a very good school but it was actually there that I realized I was a much better singer than dancer. This was around 2001 and soon I had to make a decision whether I wanted to evolve as a dancer or a singer. I mean, if I should commit 100% to both I would have had to stay awake twenty four seven. For a couple of years I tried to progress as a singer and started looking for the right producer, witch wasn’t easy but eventually I hooked up with Daniel and here I am now.

Myglobalmind: I was reading on the press release that Daniel Flores and you did a big part of the songwriting for the new record, I was wondering about the unique concept of movies, noir dark undertones influences, and the challenges behind the writing?

Angelica: For me this was the very first time I composed music or wrote any lyrics. I didn’t know I had it in me at all but I guess some tings happen when you meet certain people and start to work together and there’s just so much inspiration and energy going on when we work. It’s a whole new world for me. We both share the passion for movies and the aesthetics of film noir and we wondered why anyone hadn’t put those elements into rock music before so we thought “why not? Let’s do it and see what happens”. Daniel is a really talented songwriter and composer and I really hope he gets the chance to write score music one day because that’s what he’s been doing on this album really.

Myglobalmind: Your sound is described as Symphonic Metal, how do you guys as a band distinguish yourself from the other female fronted bands in the same genre?

Angelica: Of course we do have a lot of strings arrangements in our songs and that is one of the key elements in symphonic metal rock but people around the internet and other journalists we have talked to have come to label our music as cinematic rock and I think that runs better with what we do and is quite far from what the other female fronted bands do. We have made it a bit more modern and experiments more.

Myglobalmind: I was very impressed with your vocals Angelica, you have a powerful voice, at what point in life did you find out you could sing like that?

Angelica: Thank you. As I told you earlier I started to take a few lessons around 2001 but I am quite lazy to be honest when it comes to practise and don’t do it as much as I should.  But of course I used to sing and dance and act just for fun when I was a little girl and have continued doing it ever since then. I was all over the place really, you should ask my mother!

Myglobalmind: What are the biggest challenges as a female in the rock industry these days?

Angelica: This is a crowded industry today and it is hard to stand out but I really believe we manage to do that and that we bring something new and fresh to the stage. As far as being a female I guess the biggest challenge is that you can’t get away with just being a talented musician and look like crap. We live in a vane world and I think it would be hard if I didn’t wash my hair and wore make up 😉 The music industry walks hand in hand with acting and it’s ever so important how you perform both visually and musically.

Myglobalmind: If you had a chance to tour or share the stage with a band, who would it be?

Angelica: Wow, that’s a hard question. There are so many great bands out there but a favourite band of mine at the moment is Thirty seconds to mars. I think they’re such cool guys and have great songs and Jared Leto isn’t to bad looking either, haha… Another very talented musician that I would love to meet or share the stage with is actually Johnny Depp. He has much more sides to him than acting and is great vocalist.

Myglobalmind: I know the band has performed a few shows in Sweden, what are the plans to get the show on the road and expose your music further for the fans?

Angelica: We recently signed with a German booking agency called ITM (Primal fear, Lordi) and so we are planning for some opening acts this spring and a couple of festivals this summer. We are really anxious to go out and play and to go on tour and actually meet our fans since we’ve been locked inside the studio for almost two years 😉

Myglobalmind: What are the prospects of touring here in the USA?

Angelica: We would absolutely love to! You have such great stages and I think it would be so cool to tour in America. Hopefully if enough people like our album and buys the CD we could come over and play some day soon.

Myglobalmind: Angelica thanks for taking the time to answer the interview questions. We wish all the best for The Murder of My Sweet’s new album “Divanity”, we hope to hear more from you soon. Is there anything you would like to add for readers of Myglobalmind Webzine?

Angelica: Thank you so much for reading this interview and please, if you like our songs go out and buy the album. We have created a beautiful booklet with fantastic pictures and all of the lyrics because we really want Divanity to be an experience, both for the ears and the eyes, not only great songs. But most of all, ROCK ON AND HAVE FUN!

Please visit: and and listen to the music.
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