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Babylon Bombs – Babylon is Burning

Released by Babylon On And On Records – 2010

Review Added January 18, 2010

· Running Time: 45:37
· Release Date: October 23, 2009
· Musical Style: Catchy Glam/Hard Rock
· Links:

1. Liberation**
2. Babylon’s Burning**
3. Resurrection Love
4. Nobody’s Home
5. Angel Eyes
6. It’s Alright**
7. Anywhere The Wind Blows
8. Winding Road
9. Rattle My Bones**
10. Shine On
11. Goodbye Good Luck
12. Fade Away**
Hot Tracks**

*Dani – vocals and guitar
*Jon – guitars
*Ricky – bass
*Swaint – drums and percussion

The Swedish hard rock scene has been gaining more and more momentum, seems like there has been so many rocking bands that have stamped they’re names on the map of lately, that expecting to hear solid material from this country has come to be expected. The Swedes of Babylon Bombs have return with their 3rd full length album titled “Babylon’s Burning” and possibly have managed to pull together a completely successful record. Compared to their last effort “‘Doin You Nasty” which was good in terms of production, the writing however needed some help. The sleaze glam vibrato of their last record continues here, but everything seems to fall into place making the overall sound more mature and very melodic. The Bombs teamed up with super producer Chris Laney who is not only a great musician himself but a great record producer and has been working with the Glam scene for years.

The sharp production and razor edge sound is eminent on the album opening track and the bands first single “Liberation”. The graspy vocals of front man Dani, works very well on the track “Babylon’s Burning”, with some outstanding vocal layering adding some pulse to the chorus. The title track drills right through the glam sleaze and injects some cool heavier overload of guitar bottom heavy riffs making it a top highlight and a personal favorite. The power ballad “It’s Alright” certaintly displays the good direction the writing of the group has taken, I can’t help but notice the 80’s influence on this track, not only the lyrics but the laid back acoustic sounds, reminiscent of some classic ballads ala Posion or Great White. The straight narrow approach on “Rattle My Bones” wipes the slate clean with a tasty guitar solo and some feisty lyrics.

The boys in Babylon Bombs have certainly dished out an effort that is sure to please they’re fans but does no wrong in keeping the band improving on previous and past areas of weakness, such as lyrics and production. The overall feel of the album is more straight forward, still has the Glam/Sleaze elements but with a heavier approach. I was a little disappointed in the few ballads, i thought that they needed some work. In the end while not disappointed overall I wasn’t blown off my shoes either, is a step in the right direction but with room for improvement. for fans of the band is a must have, and for any fan of the Eurowave of melodic hard rock should check it as usual, go dig it now, support the band!!!.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  7/10

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