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Bad Sign – Bad Sign

Released by Rock Avenue Records – 2009

Review Added November 20, 2009

· Running Time: 50:38
· Musical Style: Rock/Melodic Metal
· Links:

1.Sail away**
2.Talking with the devil
3.Forget this night**
4.Till you stay with me
7.Cut it out
8.Whispered in the wind**
10.All your lies**
11.Riding the wind**
13.The lost land**
14.Crying in the rain (Whitesnake Cover)**
Hot Tracks**

*Dario Trevian – Keyboards
*Piero Pattay – Vocals
*Roby Gattolin – Guitar
*Luca Collovati – Bass
*Andrea Cum – Drums
Special guests:
*Arthur Falcone – Guitar in “Cryin’ in the rain”

Bad Sign is the brainchild of keyboard player and music composer “Dario Trevisa”. Hailing from Italy Dario has been in the music scene since the 70’s and has played and worked with many bands like Madam, Pat Heaven and he has been the founder of the Italian hard rock band, Dagh. Prime time vocalist Piero Pattay (Arthur Falcone) has a nice uncanny and swift resemblance to the great David Coverdale meets Doogie White, just some strong vocal pipes that just adds that vibrant sound that follows to jumps off the songs when you first spin the record. Together they have released the self titled album “Bad Sign” and this record from top to bottom excels at everything that is so great about hard rock and aor and even the metal side of things when you put the strong riffs that Roby Gattolin lead guitarist brings to the forefront.

The opener “Sail Away’ is a classic jam, more upbeat and pounding riff-fest that will make any blood thirsty aor maniac lick their chops for more. The more aggressive “Forget This Night” is a another keyboard enticing prime chop, with a ferocious guitar solo to add more depth to the strong and catchy melodies. The swift change of rhythm propels the track “Burned Out” towards the top once again with a nice solo and extremely melodic hooks that will suck in even the most precarious listener. Many fans of Dokken will surely appreciate the track “Cut It Out” which starts out with a Lynch-esque type riff when Pattay’s vocals take over to slab another chop of melodic hard rock madness. The beautiful guitar intro to “Whispered In The Wind” lends it’s swiftly grooves to the melancholy voice of Pattay once again who wails with class here as one of the softer tracks but just so well done overall, a nice guitar tone layering highlights this beauty and one of the premier cuts on this wonderful record. Never a dull moment, the tune “All Your Lies” features a slow, chiming sound which once again makes the sound original and strong, which compliment the strong vocals and a powerful chorus hordes over yet another killer riff. Bring the power metal riff-est of “Riding The Wind” as it touches your mind with a mix of strong hard rock with a speed metal influence that will surely devour your ear, cool tune. A nice little bonus is the Whitesnake remake of “Crying In The Rain”, now we all know this is a classic tune and not many bands can do justice to a type of song like this, but holy hell the vocals are freaking insane and it’s a gem of a remake, the wizard guitarist master Arthur Falcone just shreds this vintage riff of a timeless classic.

The main sales pitch for me on this album is the vast amount of variety and quantity here, all 13 tracks are excellent, never a dull moment and the production is extremely good overall. Bad Sign has a nice sound, we know of the myriad of metal bands from Italy, and the influence in the riffs as compared to many metal bands is obvious, but the wonderful keyboards tone the sound down and it manages to brings the best of both the hard rock and metal world into constant unison, and along with the amazing vocal pipes of Piero, this record is a must have. Please go out and support this band and don’t sleep on this one as you will no doubt enjoy the quality of the music, all fans of hard rock and metal go out and grab this!!!. Another top release has me wishing we would be fortunate enough to have this type of music here in the USA, maybe one day.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  9/10

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