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Promotional and Public Relation Guidelines

For Digital Promos please email all press inquiries to [email protected]

For Physical Shipment of Promos see below:

North America

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Coming Soon….

Please note that we DO NOT guarantee any reviews for physical material. We get enough as it is digitally, but if you so feel inclined to ship us content, that is fine. Is always good to get physical material.

For any issues with the site please email [email protected]

Please read our rules when as it pertains to promo material as if will save some hardship. Cheers and Rock On!! Myglobalmind Reviews offers reviews of melodic heavy metal, hard rock, melodic hard rock, progressive metal, progressive rock, AOR and any subsequent sub-genres. Here’s a short list of Labels and Music Promotion Firms who submit to Myglobalmind for review.

  • eAR Music/Edel
  • AFM Records
  • Avenue of Allies Records
  • Century Media Records
  • Chipster PR
  • Connecting Music
  • Eagle Rock Ent.
  • Earsplit PR
  • Escape Music
  • Eonian Records
  • Frontiers Records
  • Heavy Artillery Records
  • Inside/Out Music
  • Lion Music
  • Metal Mind Productions
  • Metal Blade Records
  • Nightmare Records
  • Nuclear Blast Records
  • Perris Records
  • Power Prog Radio
  • ProgRock Records
  • Pure Steel Records
  • Relapse Records
  • Scarlet Records
  • Sensory Records
  • SKH Music
  • Sound Pollution Media
  • SPV Records/Steamhammer
  • The End Records
  • Massacre Records
  • MVD
  • Ulterium Records

Some of the genres that Myglobalmind Webzine supports and requests as well as receives material for review are listed below:

  • Hard Rock
  • Melodic Hard Rock
  • Progressive Rock
  • Alternative/Modern Melodic Rock
  • Glam/Sleaze Rock/Metal
  • Adult/Album Oriented Rock (AOR)
  • Punk Rock
  • Traditional/Classic Heavy Metal
  • Melodic Metal
  • Progressive Metal
  • Power Metal
  • Symphonic/Gothic Metal
  • Thrash/Speed Metal

Some Modern Metal including but not limited to:

  • Melodic Metalcore
  • Groove metal
  • Melodic Death Metal
  • Extreme Progressive Metal

Generally, MGM will not review:

  • Nu/Rap Metal
  • Grindcore
  • Deathcore
  • Electronica
  • Ambient Rock/Metal

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