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Dream Evil – In The Night

Released by Century Media – 2010

Review Added March 01, 2010

Released by: Century Media on January 25, 2010
Running Time: 54:42
Style: Heavy Metal

1. Immortal**
2. In The Night**
3. Bang Your Head**
4. See The Light
5. Electric
6. Frostbite
7. On The Wind
8. The Ballad
9. In The Fires Of The Sun
10. Mean Machine
11. Kill, Burn, Be Evil
12. The Unchosen One**
Hot Tracks**

Vocals – Niklas Isfeldt
Guitar – Fredrik Nordstrom
Guitar – Daniel Varghamne
Bass –  Peter Stalfors
Drums – Patric J Sten

Since their stellar 2002 debut album DRAGONSLAYER, DREAM EVIL have slowly taken a fair amount of the power metal sound out of their music and adapted a more traditional heavy metal style. While for the most part this has worked for them, there is a pretty decent amount of the power metal fan base that have since wiped their hands of the band. Hopefully those folks at least give the new album IN THE NIGHT a fair go, as it’s definitely worthy of some attention.
The power metal is still only barely there, but the sound within the album has a very HAMMERFALL feel to it mixed with some JUDAS PRIEST, with some of the approach taken in the past by bands like MANOWAR. While lyrically less cheesy than the aforementioned MANOWAR, there is still enough references to leather, steel and of course THE METAL for any purist to be happy.

As per usual with any DREAM EVIL release, the production is flawless and each individual instrument shines through when it needs to. I’d also like to make a special mention of the guitar tone used on the album, which has a great fat sound but doesn’t loose the pinch so often forgotten about when bands are playing this style of music. There is two or three tracks on IN THE NIGHT that probably bring the album down a notch, but there are also a few real keepers that you will want to come back to often. IMMORTAL, IN THE NIGHT, BANG YOUR HEAD and the closing track THE UNCHOSEN ONE are all worthy of your time and are as good examples of the genre as any other songs I can think of. The aptly titled THE BALLAD is a great slow track that will annoy those who like it hard & fast, but will please fans of bombastic melodic metal. For those looking for an all out metal assault, FROSTBITE is where you want to start.

IN THE NIGHT doesn’t reinvent the wheel, heck it’s basically a totally straightforward traditional metal album, but if you are into the style, DREAM EVIL have made an album that is definitely worthy of your attention.
Maybe for the next album the band could write a few more songs like IMMORTAL.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  6/10

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